10 Summer movies

Hello world.
Sometimes you just want to watch a movie in a specific time. In Summer I always love to watch Summer or travel movies. So here are 10 Summer movies.

1. Sisterhood of the traveling pants – 2005

A lovely movie about a strong friendship. The movie is about 4 girls Lena, Carmen, Bridget and Tibby, who are spending their Summer apart from each other. Lena is spending her Summer in Santorini, Carmen with her dad, Bridget in a soccer camp and Tibby working on her part time job. For keeping contact with each other they share a par of jeans. The jeans fit perfectly all for girls. The movie has love, friendship, travel and many other topics.


2. The parent trap – 1998

The parent trap is an amazing and funny movie. The movie is about two identical twins who never had met each other. When their parents divorced when they were babies. On a Summer camp the twins Hallie and Annie meets each other for the first time and realize they are twins. They decide to switch identity and meet their other parent. I had watched this so many times.


3. Wild – 2014 

Cheryl had lost all hope. After destroying her marriage with her husband. Cheryl decide to give up everything and hike 1.100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. The movie is all about traveling, self-discovery and life in general.
It’s an amazing movie to watch and be inspired by Cheryl journey. I loved the movie maybe you do too.


4. Mamma Mia – 2008

The movie is about a girl who want to find her father. Sophie is a bride-to-be but want her unknown father to give her away. There is 3 possible father candidates, so Sophie invite all of them to her wedding. Her wedding is on the greek island Kalokairi. I love the movie so freaking bad. The movie is a musical and I usually hates musicals, but this movie is an exception.


5. The last song – 2010

The movie is about the teenager Ronnie. Ronnie is very rebellious. Her mother send her and her little brother to spend their summer with their dad. Ronnie was once a talented pianist. After her parents divorce she stopped playing piano. During her Summer she meets popular Will. The to spend a lot of time together. The movie is a romantic Summer movie.


6. Just go with it – 2011

The movie is about Daniel/Danny who use his fake marriage to get women. One day Danny meets Palmer and fall in love, but Palmer realize he is “married.” Palmer had a bad time because of her own parents divorce, because of that she don’t want to destroy another marriage. So Danny need to prove that his marriage is not working anymore. He convince his assistant to act as his wife. For proving their marriage is over they go in a week vacation to Hawaii. The movie is so funny and I really like Adam Sandler’s acting.


7. Aquamarine – 2006

The movie is about the two best friends Hailey and Claire. The two girls finds a mermaid on their local beach. Hailey is suppose to move to Australia in 3 days. One night the girls a praying for a miracle and they find the mermaid Aquamarine. The mermaid tell them that she need to fall in love or she will married someone else. The mermaid tell them too that she can give a wish. Hailey and Claire decides to help Aquamarine. So the the need to find Aquamarines true love in only 3 days.


8. Blended – 2014

The movie is about the two single parents who are going to share a vacation to South Africa. First the couple met at a blind date, but the date ended pretty bad. The two are needs to act as a couple because of the couple vacation thing they are on. The movie is located in South Africa which makes everything better. It’s such a funny and interesting movie. Again Adam Sandler are an acting genius.


9. Monte Carlo – 2011

The movies is about a girl Grace who had earn money for a trip to Paris. Grace, her best friend Emma and her stepsister are going to Paris. In Paris Grace are mistaken for being  the celebrity Cordelia. Grace, her best friend and her stepsister are taken to Cordelia’s hotel room in Paris. The next day they are on their way to Monte Carlo. It’s such a sweet movie and I love Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester in this movie.


10. Bend it like Beckham – 2002

This movie is about an indian girl who loves to play soccer. Jess is from a traditional indian family and her parents doesn’t allow her to play soccer on a team. Jess meets Jules a tomboy girl who plays soccer on a girl soccer team. Jules convince Jess to play soccer with her, and Jess realize she has talent. This movie is just so fun and cute. I love everything about it. It’s like traditions meets modern day.