Fall bucket list​

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Hello, world.
It’s the perfect season fall. Where nature is fading beautifully. Here are some ideas to a fall bucket list.

  1. Buy a lot of candles.
  2. Watch scary movies under cozy blankets.
  3. Go to a fall festival.
  4. Make fall recipes.
  5. Read fall books.
  6. Go apple picking,
  7. Wear your cozy sweaters.
  8. Decorate for fall.
  9. See the colorful leaves.
  10. Wear boots.
  11. Fall photo shoot.
  12. Bake a pie.
  13. Wear a scarf.
  14. Drink hot chocolate or tea.
  15. Decorate a pumpkin.
  16. Host a fall dinner.
  17. Go to a Halloween party.
  18.  Learn to knit.
  19. Have a fall picnic.
  20. DIY fall decorations.
  21. Go on a hayride.
  22. Play in the leaves.
  23. Create your own Halloween costume.
  24. Make caramel apples.
  25. Use your umbrella.
  26. Go to a corn maze.
  27. Have a bonfire with your friends.
  28. Eat warm soup.
  29. Carve pumpkins.
  30. Be prepared for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed and I wish you an amazing fall.

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Summer bucketlist

Skærmbillede 2017-06-18 kl. 18.46.04Hello world.
Today i thought some ideas to a bucket list could be great. So here are they.

  1. Swim in the ocean
  2. Bake an unusual cake
  3. Make a smoothie
  4. One day without internet
  5. Make lemonade
  6. Watching the sunrise or sundown
  7. Dance in the rain
  8. Shopping for school supplies
  9. Make a journal
  10. Change your room decoration
  11. Go to the beach
  12. Travel outside the country
  13. Spend a day with a friend
  14. Make homemade ice cream
  15. Try spaghetti-taco
  16. Go on a roadtrip
  17. Get a henna tatoo
  18. Try to run everyday
  19. Write a book
  20. Become happier

Hope you enjoyed.
Love Sediga