Reading list – July


Hello, world.
Today I’ll show you my July reading list. So some of the books are in Danish and some of them are in English. In Denmark, the weather had been so rainy so I did read a lot of books.

1. Caravel – Stephanie Garber
2. Grisha book 3 – Leigh Bardugo
3. Victoria – Daisy Goodwin
4. Invaded book 2 – Melissa Landers
5. Misty falls – Joss Stirling
6. The siren – Kiera Cass
6. The wish granter – C.J Redwine
7. Temeraire – Naomi Novik
8. A thousand pieces – Claudia Gray
9. Crush – Eve Ainsworth
10. The invasion of Tearling – Erika Johanson
11. Rebel Belle – Rachel Hawkins



Summer books – Series

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Hello, world.
Today I’m showing you my favorite summer book series. I already made a summer book list, here is the link.

1. Model Undercover – Carina Axelson
This book series is about the girl Axelle, who are trying to bring the truth to the spotlight. While solving crimes she goes undercover as a model. The reason why it’s a good summer series, is because of the traveling and exploring new places. Great vacation summer book series.

2. Talon – Julie Kagawa
This book series deserves more atttention. The series is about dragons who are hiding in human form. So the series follows the girl Ember. Ember is going to spend her last time as a free dragon with her twin brother Dante. They are spending their summer close to the beach. So if you like a more fantasy/summer book series this is a great example.


3. The lonely hearts travel club – Katy Colins
This book is all about summer, vacation and traveling. Georgia is a heartbroken girl who are tired of being boring, so she decide to go on a impulsive vacation to Thailand. The book is a lot about being free as a independent women. I really enjoyed reading the books and got into a summer mood.

4. Shadow Falls – C.C Hunter
This book series is about a summercamp, but a supernatual summercamp. Kylie a on a camp for troubled teens, but she soon realise the camp is full of paranormal teenagers Vampires, werewolfs, pixies and so many other kinds of paranormal people. The book series is so good, after reading I really wanted to go on a summer camp. I recommend this book to fantasy/love/summer lovers.


5. Percy Jackson – Rick Riorda
This book series is absolute fantastic. The book series is about Percy Jacson, who are diffrently special. He soon find him self in a summer camp for demi gods. So the book series is just about summer, friendship, love, adventure, hardships and fantasy. If you liked the series try other of Rick Riordan’s books.


6. Anne from Green Gables – L.M Montgomery
This book series is a classic and a must to read. The books is about a red haired girl named Anne. The book is from 1908 so it’s a beautiful and poetic story. I really loved the series and the writing is so amazing. I really recommend this book to everyone.


7. The Selection – Kiera Cass
This book series is every girls dream. Following the girl named America Singer who are in a competition for marrying the prince. I love the characters and the storyline, the storyline is simple but amazing. It’s just a book series you will finish in no time.


8. To all the boys i’ve ever loved before – Jenny Han
This book series is so sweet. The book series follows the girl named Lara Jean who had wrote letters to all boys she ever had loved. one day her father mistakely sends the letters. I won’t reveal more, but just read. It’s so sweet.

9. The sisterhood of the traveling pants – Ann Brashares
This book series is about summer, friendship, love, travel and family. Everything summer is about are in these books. I already added this to my summer books list, but it deserves to be here too. The story is about 4 best friends who are spending their summer away from each other.


10. Delirum – Lauren Oliver
This book is just good and lovely. In an alternative world love is an ilnesss. An everyone wants to be cured, but before Lena gets cured she fall in love in Alex. Maybe the storyline or the themes is not about summer, but the mood is. I don’t know i read it in summer, and I really enjoyed the book series.



Hope you like it.


Summer books 2017

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Hello world.
I’m showing you guys some pretty good summer books, that you could read this summer. These books have kind of bit the mood of summer.


Laguna Cove – By Alyson noël
The books is about some teenagers having a great time. The themes in the book are summer, beach, love and so more. You really need to give it i try. Even throw the story first started after the summer break, it’s a really good book with the summer vibe.


99 days – Katie Cotugno
The books is about the girl called Molly. Molly had to stay in her old town for 99 days before leaving for college. The town where she broke a persons heart and left it for another. The summer can only get’s problematic.


We were liars – E. Lockhart
A beautiful and fantastic story about a summer everything changed. When you read this book, everything you thought will change. Every theory you had was wrong. Get confused and amazed by this book.


This is what happy looks like – Jennifer E. Smith
A famous boy and an average girl what would happen? When a Hollywood celebrity are filming in a little town, and meet a speciel girl with a lot of thoughts. This books is every fangirls dream.


Everything everything – Nicola Yoon
You have properly heard of this book, if you hadn’t where have you been? The romantic and beautiful book about the purest young love. A love that only happens in books. Hurry read it before watching the movie it’s worth it.


I’ll meet you there – Heather Demetrios
A hurt soldier returns home after being i Afghanistan. Where a girl are just waiting for the summer to end. The girl who just want to leave the little town, fall in love in last minute. A cute story about the biggest decision. Love or college?


The sisterhood of the traveling pants – Ann Brashares
This is a classic you need to read once in a lifetime. The summer where the magic happens. 4 girls can fit perfectly one pants. Just the title is fascinating, the whole story is amazing. This books is my perfect Santorini read. If you’re going to Greece bring this with you.


Just one day – Gayle Forman
What would you do if an unknown stranger invite you to Paris? That what happens for Allyson, she decide to take a chance. This book introduced me to the European rail trail. Let’s fall in love in Paris with Allyson.


Twenty boy summer – Sarah Ockler
What if you had to hide your biggest love from you best friend? A love that died before it bloomed. Anna and Frankie are best friends. Frankie will try to find a perfect boy for Anna. The summer that is all about forgetting the terrible tragedy. This book makes your heart cry.


When Dimple met Rishi – Sandhya Menson
Love, summer school and arranged meetings everything will most likely end in a drama. A cute and sweet story about a love that happens when you least expected it. Give it try.

That was all for this time. Hope you enjoyed. Comment down what books you would recommend to me.
Love Sediga