London 2018

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Hello, world.

I was recently in London with my dad. It was the first time I visited the city, so it was all very new to me. I loved London it was really an amazing experience to see the city. My dad had to work all the day, so I was pretty much on my own. I really did not have any problems with finding places and all that. I just got a day bus card and saw all the attractions.


Day 1

Our flight was about 08:00 pm. It took only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Copenhagen to London. We arrived at 09:30 pm. Since London is one hour behind Denmark. We arrived at Gatwick airport and it took about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Gatwick to our hotel.

Day 2

We woke at 06:00 am because both my dad and I are early birds. So we went to a cafe and eat breakfast. It was a real English breakfast. Eventually, I did not feel the best, so I returned to the hotel while my dad went out for buying pain reliever. I did not feel 100% fresh, but at 11:00 am we went to London Victoria Station. Where my dad had to leave for meetings and I took the bus to Oxford street.
I really mean it when I say that Oxford Street has the best shopping stores. It was totally my taste and I loved it. I spend all my time there until 6 pm. Where my dad and I ate at a restaurant. We were both really tired and went back to the hotel.



Day 3

The third day we spend our time being like real tourists. We saw Big Ben unfortunately, they were renovating the building so it was not the best view. We walked at the Thames and saw many famous attractions. My dad was really busy. So at 13 am had another meeting, and I visited British Museum and National Gallery. Where I saw many Claude Monet paintings. For the rest of my day, I just spend at these two museums. IMG_2992IMG_2978IMG_2993




Day 4

It was our last day in London. Our flight was at 4 pm in Gatwick. My dad and I spend the last day walking around in the city. We ate in an Iranian restaurant and it tasted so well. We took the bus to Gatwick Airport. Unfortunately, i lost my just new bought jacket. I was so sad. Not only did I lose my jacket but we missed our flight. So we had to buy new very expensive tickets. But we were lucky because the had a flight at 08:00 pm. So we just used our time in the shopping area. We bought a watch for my moms birthday. It was an amazing trip to London. I can wait to go there next time.

Thank you for reading. Maybe you could recommend some places to see in London.




My teacher from hell

Hello, world.

Today I wanna explain why I have been away for a long time. I had my first exam in this school year. So I had 2 exams. The first one was about product development and the second was science. So we didn’t have a long time to prepare, but as always I did prepare a lot. So my first exam was this Thursday. My time was 09:30 am. So it was pretty early compared with the other students time. I had about robot technology, and I thought it was going to be bad. I’m a person who really doesn’t expect high results. But it did end with a kind of good result. I good a B+. So I was pretty happy, I mean the first exam, and I was very insecure about my things.

The next exam was the next day. Friday at 09.30 am. This time it was science. I’m really good at science not to brag, but science is one of my best subjects. I had prepared a lot, and about everything, they could ask about. My topic was Joule’s law. I was first time introduced to Joule’s law less than a month ago, so it was still clear in my minds. What happens is that my teacher interrupts me while I’m talking. He starts to talk about another stuff and tells me that my stuff is wrong. The fact is that all my notes were from his class. So he literally just said was his own teaching was wrong. When I told him about this. Guess who got a bad grade. I got a D. The worst exam grade I ever had got. I was literally crying, not because I think D is such a bad grade. But because of his bad behavior. I had never cried in school before. I did tell the principal of the school, and now I’m waiting for an answer.

I need to tell that the exam is only 15 minutes, so I didn’t have the chance to finish my presentation. I have never been treated so unfair by a teacher before. He didn’t even give me a chance for explaining. My moral here is, that teachers can be so unfair, and a bad grade should be the worlds ending. Yeah, I had a bad grade, but life is so much more. I really don’t want to use my time on him anymore. Luckily we get new teachers on Monday. So hopefully I will never see him again.

I hope it wasn’t that irrelevant as I think it is for you.



Paris – travel guide

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Hello, world.
Today I’m showing you the beauty of Paris. I have only one time and that was in Paris in 2012. So here are the best places and things to visit and eat in Paris.


  • Eiffel Tower:
    The Eiffel Tower might be one of the most famous city icons in the world. The tower was built from 1887-1889. At first, many artists and citizens criticized the tower, but know they properly regret doing it. In 2015 the Eiffel tower was the most visited monument in the world with 6.91 million people. The tower is 324 metres high and it’s the tallest building in Paris. I have personally never been on top of the Eiffel Tower, but I heard that you can’t go to the highest level anymore. It’s so sad.


  • Notre Dame:
    Notre Dame is a medieval cathedral from 1345. The church is one of the worlds most well known and famous church. With many myths and stories about the church is not to know which of them that is true. I personally think it’s a beautiful building and perfect for pictures. 


  • Louvre:
    The museum is the world largest art museum and it’s a historical monument in Paris. In 2016 it was the most visited art museum in the world with 7.3 million visitors. Don’t forget seeing Mona Lisa. The museum opened on 10 August 1793 with 537 paintings. Now there are more than art 38,000 objects.


  • Arc de Triomphe:
    The Arc de Triomphe honors those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. the Arc de Triomphe was designed by Jean Chalgrin in 1806.  The Arc de Triomphe has an overall height of 50 meters. It’s a beautiful iconic building.


  • Montmartre:
    Montmartre is primarily known for its artistic history and as a nightclub district. I personally first heard about this area in the cartoon Lolu. But you have properly heard about Moulin Rouge. It’s a beautiful and funny area.


  • latin quarter:
    After I read the book Anna and the french kiss I just want to visit this area. Known for its student life, lively atmosphere and bistros, the Latin Quarter is the home to a number of higher education establishments. The area gets its name from the Latin language, which was once widely spoken in and around the University since Latin was the language of learning in the Middle ages in Europe.


  • Champs-Elysees:
    Cham-Elysees is known for its theatres, cafés, and luxury shops, for the annual Bastille Day military parade. The avenue is about 1.91 kilometers long. The Champs-Élysées and its gardens were originally laid out in 1667 by Andre Le Notre. Just imagine driving in this avenue a true dream.


  • Palace of Versailles:
    Is a royal chateau in Versailles in the Ille-de-France region of France. It is now open as a museum and is a very popular tourist attraction. First built by Louis XIII in 1624 as a hunting lodge of brick and stone, and designed by the architect Jacques Lemercier. The palace is known to look like it’s made of gold. It’s known for being one of the most beautiful palaces in the world.



  • Crossaint:
    The delicious called first Kipferl might be from Austria originally, but it’s the food of Paris know or maybe is just me. The French version of the Kipferl was named for its crescent (croissant) shape and has become an identifiable shape across the world. I don’t know baout you guys but I love it.


  • Macarons:
    Macarons have been produced in the Venetian monasteries since the 8th century A.D. During the Renaissance, Catherine de’ Medici’s Italian pastry chefs made them when she brought them with her to France in 1533 upon marrying Henry II of France. It was not until the 1830s that macarons began to be served two-by-two with the addition of jams, liqueurs, and spices. You can easily made them yourself, but imagine eating them close to The Eiffel Tower.


  • Baguette:
    The baguette today is often considered one of the symbols of French culture viewed from abroad. In Denmark, the french bread is everywhere. It’s a tasty breakfast meal.



  • bus:


  • Metro:


  • Bike:


I hope you like it.


Amsterdam Guide

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Hello world.
Today I’m showing you what I know about Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a beautiful and stunning city that I personally would love to visit. One day hopefully. The first part of my post is about the sightseeing. The places that I would go to in Amsterdam.

  • Anne Frank’s house:
    Anna Frank was a Jewish girl who was known for writing diary under the 2. world war. Anna Frank was hiding in their house for many years, and sadly the family was discovered by the Nazi. Anna Frank Died before she was free. Her house was open to the public as a museum in 1960. Today you can see how Anne Frank’s life was, it’s a place that I really want to go once in my lifetime.


  • The Van Gogh Museum:
    The museum is dedicated to the Dutch artist Van Gogh. The museum opened on 2 June 1973 and has the largest collection of Van Gogh’s work. The museum is the second most visited museum in the Netherlands. I personally love art especially Van Gogh work. You might have realized that I’m a museum nerd.


  • Vondelpark:
    The park is a beautiful park inside the city of Amsterdam. With more than 47 hectares there is plenty of spaces to walk and chill in. Each year the park has more than 10 million visitors. I think it’s the best place to enjoy the nature and maybe eat an ice cream or sandwich. The park was open in 1865 for the citizen.  



  • Dam Square:
    Dam Square is the historical center of the city. The square was build in 1270 and was used as the city center. Dam Square is well known to the Dutch people. Well, I think it’s impossible to not going to the square since it’s in the middle of the city.

610_fullimage_amsterdam koninklijkpaleis vrede-op-gevel.jpg

  • Royal Palace of Amsterdam:
    Is one of the third palaces owned by the royal family in Amsterdam. The Palace was build in the Dutch Golden age in the 17th century. The palace was once the royal palace of Louis Napoleon and now by the royal family. I love visiting places and castles it makes me feel like a royalty.

Paleis Amsterdam Paleis voorzijdena restauratie.jpg

  • Van Loon Museum:
    The museum is named after the Van Loon family who owned the house. The canal house was build in 1672 for the artist Ferdinand Bol. Thora Van Loon-Egidius was the lady-in-waiting for Wilheminia of the Netherlands. The museum is basically a time capsule from another century.


  • Rijksmuseum:
    The museum is the national Dutch museum dedicated to the national art and history. The museum was founded in 1800 in the Hague and moved to Amsterdam in 1808. The current main building was designed by Pierre Cuypers and first opened its doors in 1885.


  • Jordaan.
    Is a neighborhood in Amsterdam with many art galleries and shops. It’s the expensive part of Amsterdam. The name means garden in French. The construction of the neighborhood was build in 1612. Most of the street in the area is called after trees and flowers. It’s a beautiful place that I would love to see.


  • I Amsterdam sign:
    The sign is an iconic symbol of Amsterdam. It’s the perfect opppurniity to show where you have been by a photo.


  • Keukenhof:
    Even through Keukenhof isn’t located in Amsterdam, I could not include it in the list. Keukenhof means kitchen garden and has existed since 15th century. Keukenhof castle was build in 1641. It was the landscape architects Jan David Zocher and his son Louis Paul Zocher, who also designed Amsterdam’s Vondelpark, redesigned the castle gardens in 1857. In 1950 the park was open to the public and was an instant success, with 236,000 visitors in the first year alone. Each year there is a flower show for everyone to attend. Don’t miss it.


Food to eat especially in Amsterdam:

  • Pancakes:
    Pancakes have become a traditional Amsterdam food so if you don’t taste pancakes in Amsterdam have you really been there then? There are plenty places to eat pancakes in Amsterdam but a good place is Pancakes Amsterdam. The shop sell traditional and new kind of pancakes.


  • Dutch fries:
    Ducth people love fires especially their own fries. So you ask what makes them different from other fries from all around the world. Well, the Dutch people eat them with Mayonnaise. Trust me it tastes good.


  • Stroopwafel:
    This delicate waffle is known to be the national gem. The waffles were founded in the city of Gouda in the Netherlands. The waffles made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. I have never tasted before so I don’t now how i taste like.


  • Tompouce:
    The tompouce cake is a famous cake named after the Admiraal Tom Pouce, the stage name of the Frisian Dwarf Jan Hannema. In the Netherlands the tompoes is iconic and it’s a must to eat in Amsterdam. You can eat with either tea or coffee.



  • Bike: 


  • Boat.

canalcompany boat NC.jpg

I hope you enjoyed and sorry for not posting more frequently.


Fall bucket list​

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Hello, world.
It’s the perfect season fall. Where nature is fading beautifully. Here are some ideas to a fall bucket list.

  1. Buy a lot of candles.
  2. Watch scary movies under cozy blankets.
  3. Go to a fall festival.
  4. Make fall recipes.
  5. Read fall books.
  6. Go apple picking,
  7. Wear your cozy sweaters.
  8. Decorate for fall.
  9. See the colorful leaves.
  10. Wear boots.
  11. Fall photo shoot.
  12. Bake a pie.
  13. Wear a scarf.
  14. Drink hot chocolate or tea.
  15. Decorate a pumpkin.
  16. Host a fall dinner.
  17. Go to a Halloween party.
  18.  Learn to knit.
  19. Have a fall picnic.
  20. DIY fall decorations.
  21. Go on a hayride.
  22. Play in the leaves.
  23. Create your own Halloween costume.
  24. Make caramel apples.
  25. Use your umbrella.
  26. Go to a corn maze.
  27. Have a bonfire with your friends.
  28. Eat warm soup.
  29. Carve pumpkins.
  30. Be prepared for Christmas.

I hope you enjoyed and I wish you an amazing fall.

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How to make your life a bit brighter

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Hello, world.
Today I’ll be showing you how to make your life a bit brighter. Currently, the weather had been so bad lately. It had been raining for a week now, and I already miss the sun. Not to be ungrateful, talking about the weather situation in the US. So I’ll share some ideas today.

Exercise or running:
Sometimes running or exercising is the best cure to a sad mind. I mean after a hard day at school, running can really clear my mind. Especially when I hear some good music while I’m running. Try to hear some positive or happy songs while running. I promise you don’t need to run fast just relax.


Read a book or watch a movie:
It’s officially fall. The season where you should cuddle with a blanket while reading a good book or watching a good movie. My brothers and I always have a movie marathon. This year it would be Harry Potter marathon. you need your time away from the real world.


draw or coloring:
When I was stressed a few month ago. I started to draw and bought a coloring book. It was really amazing to just focus on coloring and not thinking about reality. That is just another great idea to distract yourself.


Meet your friends or make new friends:
Recently I started at my new school. Where I didn’t now everyone in my class. So we went on a camping trip, we ate at Mcdonalds and ate frozen Yogurt.  Meeting new people was really refreshing and a great thing to add in your life.


Travel or explore new places:
If you have the money then use them on traveling, not buying new stuff all the time. I believe that the happiness of a trip is not the same of buying a new bag. If you don’t have the money to travel, then explore your neighborhood instead. I often just explore my town it’s better than doing nothing.


Find a hobby:
It’s so good to have a hobby. Something that I really need to find. Having a hobby that you just do for fun is amazing. You can literally do anything. Learn to knit, join a sports team or sign up for fitness. There are some hobbies there is free or isn’t free.


Bake or cook:
Baking a cake in the cold weather is such a good thing to do. It’s already nearly winter in Denmark and I really wanted to bake a cake if our house was done. So in my place, you can bake a good, tasty and delicious cake.


That was all I had. Write down below what you like to do in the fall time.



Dream destinations – University cities Europe


Hello, world.
There are only 3 years left before I hopefully am going to university. The fact is that In Denmark there are only 4 places for me to study medicine. Because of that, I’m thinking about studying abroad in the future. I had been doing some researching and here are some really amazing university cities.  

1. Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Currently, my first priority is the Copenhagen University. The “hardest” University to be accepted by. Copenhagen has so many different possibilities for students. The best part is in Denmark you get paid for studying. Each and every month you get about 870$. It’s not a lot, but your education is free too. Yes thanks to the very high tax about 40%, actually I think it’s the highest tax in the world. Correct me if I’m wrong. Another good thing about Denmark is that it’s a very modern, nice, hardworking and smart place. Good country to study in just saying.
The universities:

  • Copenhagen University.
  • DTU where my brother is studying.
  • Copenhagen Business School.
  • IT University of Copenhagen.

2. London, The United Kingdom.
London is one of my another priority. Mostly because there are so many possibilities. The another good thing is that the United Kingdom and Denmark have a student agreement contract. Meaning that every year the need to accept a number of students from Denmark. So it’s very easy for a Danish citizen to study in London. I mean one of my dream universities is Oxford University, but it’s very close to London too. The fact is that in 2019 or 2020 The United Kingdom is officially out of EU, so I don’t know about maybe changing the agreement. Let’s hope they don’t
The top 10(there were so many) universities: 

  • University College London.
  • Imperial College London.
  • Kings College London.
  • London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • Queen Mary.
  • Royal Holloway.
  • School of Oriental and African Studies.
  • Birkbeck College.
  • City, University of London.
  • Brunel University.

3. Paris, France.
Why Paris, why not. If you are going to study hard, then do it in the most romantic city in the world. I had read so many books of living the student life in Paris, guess what all of them are fantastic. Studying in a café close to the Eiffel Tower and enjoying a sunny day in Paris’ many parks. I might have a romantic view of living in Paris, but don’t judge me, who hasn’t? I strongly want to study in Paris and my desire has just grown more by now.
The top 10(there were so many) universities: 

  • École Normale Superieure.
  • École Polytechnique.
  • Université Pierre Marie Curie.
  • Sciences Pro Paris.
  • Université Paris-Sud.
  • Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne.
  • École Des Pont ParisTech.
  • Université Paris-Sorbonne.
  • Université Paris Diderot.
  • Université Parid Dauphine.

4. Barcelona, Spain.
Barcelona had been on my travel list for so long. I had to beg my parents for going there since forever and maybe we are going there next summer. Honestly, I don’t so much about the universities, but I read a lot of articles about it being a good city to study. I mean just the weather is enough for me to move over there. So if anything goes wrong, why not spend time in the city of football.
The top 5 universities: 

  • University of Barcelona.
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • University Pompeu Fabra.
  • Polytechnic University of Catalunya.
  • University Ramon Llul.

5. Vienna, Austria. 

Austria is probably one of the most beautiful countries in Europe in my opinion. So studying in paradise is totally on my bucket list. Actually, Vienna is the number 16 best city to study in if you are asking
The top 5 Universities. 

  • University of Vienna.
  • Vienna University of Technology.
  • Universität of Innsbruck.
  • Karl-Franzens-Univerität Graz.

I hope you guys like it and see you next time. Comment down below where you want to study.

House renovation – part 1

Hello, world
Sorry I hadn’t posted for while. My family and I had been busy working on the house. I had started at school again and there is just so many things going. But that’s not a good enough and I will try to post more. Here is an update of our house.

So we had been building our house for a month by now. The reason why there is only one bedroom is because the other rooms is suppose to be built later hopefully.

The kitchen area
The partition wall between the kitchen and living room
My room 
The hall
The living room


The scullery 



Outside of the living/dining room



Another view
We are currently living in this caravan
It’s not bad


Another view of the living room

Starting in a Gymnasium – Danish High School

Here are some pictures of my school. 

Hello, world.
Today was my first day in school and it was so good. I’m starting in a new place where I don’t know anyone. So a Danish Gymnasium is like a High School just a little bit different. After 9th grade, you are officially done with public school. So now is your turn to go on a Gymnasium.
The school year starts in early August and ends at the end of June. In Denmark, there is a lot of Christian holidays.

Here is an example of the school year.

School begins 7 August 2017

Fall break: 16-22 Oktober

Christmas break: 20 December – 2 January


Winter break: 12-18 February

Easter break: 26 Marts – 2 April

Store bededag: 27 April

Kr.Himmelfartsferie: 10-13 Maj

Pentecost: 20-21 May

Here is my schedule for the first semester.
Skærmbillede 2017-08-07 kl. 16.26.39.png
The reason why I have so many sciences subjects is that I’m in a Gymnasium specialized for Technology. So most of the students either love science or want to become something in for science.
As you can see the day start at 8 am to about 3 pm every day. There are some days where the teacher might be sick if that happens school ends earlier.

My first day.
The school started at 10 am Monday morning. The first thing that happened was the introduction speech by the inspector. After that our contact teacher showed us our main classroom. It was the first time I saw my class. In Denmark, you only have one class to every subject. There were 8 girls and 22 boys. Tomorrow we are going to camping with our school. Imagine 360 students camping. It’s going to be a chaos.
For the rest of the day, we planned what to eat at the camping. We are going to camping for 2 nights.

So for now, it was it and I hope you enjoy it.

Reading list – July


Hello, world.
Today I’ll show you my July reading list. So some of the books are in Danish and some of them are in English. In Denmark, the weather had been so rainy so I did read a lot of books.

1. Caravel – Stephanie Garber
2. Grisha book 3 – Leigh Bardugo
3. Victoria – Daisy Goodwin
4. Invaded book 2 – Melissa Landers
5. Misty falls – Joss Stirling
6. The siren – Kiera Cass
6. The wish granter – C.J Redwine
7. Temeraire – Naomi Novik
8. A thousand pieces – Claudia Gray
9. Crush – Eve Ainsworth
10. The invasion of Tearling – Erika Johanson
11. Rebel Belle – Rachel Hawkins