Get to know me

Hello world.
My name is Sediga. And I’m just another average girl, but I’m an average girl with a dream. Actually not just one dream, but a couple of dreams. All about my dreams is another story. That I would love to tell you later. Now I just want to introduce myself properly.

Again my name is Sediga, and currently, I’m 16 years old. My name might be a bit odd to you, but that is because of my background. I’m originally an Afghan girl. I was born in Iran but moved to Denmark when I was just 4 years old. My name means in Arabic the truthful. Let us see how right that’s.

So currently I’m living in Denmark. If you don’t know where Denmark is it’s okay. Denmark is a little country in Scandinavia. I live in an average size town, and there is like nothing to do. So I decided to use my time online.

The first thing people notice about me is, of course, my hijab. That is not a surprise. But I really want people to get to know me before judging.

If I’m going to describe how I look like, it wouldn’t end well. But I give it a try. I’m quite short, my height is about 160 cm. Not that I hate being short, it’s sometimes a good thing. Because I’m originally from Afghanistan. I look like a mix between an Asian and an Arab. Can you imagine that? That doesn’t matter either. But let me just say. That I look different than how an average Danish girl looks like.

In my free time, I love doing a lot of things. I love to read, draw, paint, run, and just being creative. If there is a thing I would love to do all of the time, I would travel the whole world. But don’t misunderstand me I would like to have a normal job too. I don’t have a special talent or maybe I just had not found yet.

I haven’t been to so many places. I have been in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Belgium and of course Denmark. I hope a number of countries will raise in the future.

I live with my parents and my 3 little brothers. I have a big brother too, but he lives for himself. Being the only girl can be hard sometimes, maybe you know the feeling. But is all the hardship worth. I don’t have pets, maybe because I’m lacking responsibility I don’t know. We’re live in a house in the countryside. With no other people at my age.

I’m not good at making friends. I’m actually pretty bad. I might be a little shy sometimes, but that’s not only my fault. It’s just who I am. I’m not bad in school, but I’m not the best either. My favorite subject is English or Biology. I love languages, and I would love to learn as many as possible. I love Biology as well. The human body, for example, is just so interesting.

I hope you didn’t get bored. The reason why I wanted to start blogging is to be an inspiration. I’ve tried to search for a place where I could get inspiration for a long time. But maybe I should do it myself. Hopefully, I’m being an inspiration for you guys. I hope you like this and try to give me a chance. It’s my first time. English is by the way not my first language. So don’t judge easily.

Love Sediga