My teacher from hell

Hello, world.

Today I wanna explain why I have been away for a long time. I had my first exam in this school year. So I had 2 exams. The first one was about product development and the second was science. So we didn’t have a long time to prepare, but as always I did prepare a lot. So my first exam was this Thursday. My time was 09:30 am. So it was pretty early compared with the other students time. I had about robot technology, and I thought it was going to be bad. I’m a person who really doesn’t expect high results. But it did end with a kind of good result. I good a B+. So I was pretty happy, I mean the first exam, and I was very insecure about my things.

The next exam was the next day. Friday at 09.30 am. This time it was science. I’m really good at science not to brag, but science is one of my best subjects. I had prepared a lot, and about everything, they could ask about. My topic was Joule’s law. I was first time introduced to Joule’s law less than a month ago, so it was still clear in my minds. What happens is that my teacher interrupts me while I’m talking. He starts to talk about another stuff and tells me that my stuff is wrong. The fact is that all my notes were from his class. So he literally just said was his own teaching was wrong. When I told him about this. Guess who got a bad grade. I got a D. The worst exam grade I ever had got. I was literally crying, not because I think D is such a bad grade. But because of his bad behavior. I had never cried in school before. I did tell the principal of the school, and now I’m waiting for an answer.

I need to tell that the exam is only 15 minutes, so I didn’t have the chance to finish my presentation. I have never been treated so unfair by a teacher before. He didn’t even give me a chance for explaining. My moral here is, that teachers can be so unfair, and a bad grade should be the worlds ending. Yeah, I had a bad grade, but life is so much more. I really don’t want to use my time on him anymore. Luckily we get new teachers on Monday. So hopefully I will never see him again.

I hope it wasn’t that irrelevant as I think it is for you.




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