How to make your life a bit brighter

Skærmbillede 2017-09-09 kl. 18.04.28.png

Hello, world.
Today I’ll be showing you how to make your life a bit brighter. Currently, the weather had been so bad lately. It had been raining for a week now, and I already miss the sun. Not to be ungrateful, talking about the weather situation in the US. So I’ll share some ideas today.

Exercise or running:
Sometimes running or exercising is the best cure to a sad mind. I mean after a hard day at school, running can really clear my mind. Especially when I hear some good music while I’m running. Try to hear some positive or happy songs while running. I promise you don’t need to run fast just relax.


Read a book or watch a movie:
It’s officially fall. The season where you should cuddle with a blanket while reading a good book or watching a good movie. My brothers and I always have a movie marathon. This year it would be Harry Potter marathon. you need your time away from the real world.


draw or coloring:
When I was stressed a few month ago. I started to draw and bought a coloring book. It was really amazing to just focus on coloring and not thinking about reality. That is just another great idea to distract yourself.


Meet your friends or make new friends:
Recently I started at my new school. Where I didn’t now everyone in my class. So we went on a camping trip, we ate at Mcdonalds and ate frozen Yogurt.  Meeting new people was really refreshing and a great thing to add in your life.


Travel or explore new places:
If you have the money then use them on traveling, not buying new stuff all the time. I believe that the happiness of a trip is not the same of buying a new bag. If you don’t have the money to travel, then explore your neighborhood instead. I often just explore my town it’s better than doing nothing.


Find a hobby:
It’s so good to have a hobby. Something that I really need to find. Having a hobby that you just do for fun is amazing. You can literally do anything. Learn to knit, join a sports team or sign up for fitness. There are some hobbies there is free or isn’t free.


Bake or cook:
Baking a cake in the cold weather is such a good thing to do. It’s already nearly winter in Denmark and I really wanted to bake a cake if our house was done. So in my place, you can bake a good, tasty and delicious cake.


That was all I had. Write down below what you like to do in the fall time.




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