Starting in a Gymnasium – Danish High School

Here are some pictures of my school. 

Hello, world.
Today was my first day in school and it was so good. I’m starting in a new place where I don’t know anyone. So a Danish Gymnasium is like a High School just a little bit different. After 9th grade, you are officially done with public school. So now is your turn to go on a Gymnasium.
The school year starts in early August and ends at the end of June. In Denmark, there is a lot of Christian holidays.

Here is an example of the school year.

School begins 7 August 2017

Fall break: 16-22 Oktober

Christmas break: 20 December – 2 January


Winter break: 12-18 February

Easter break: 26 Marts – 2 April

Store bededag: 27 April

Kr.Himmelfartsferie: 10-13 Maj

Pentecost: 20-21 May

Here is my schedule for the first semester.
Skærmbillede 2017-08-07 kl. 16.26.39.png
The reason why I have so many sciences subjects is that I’m in a Gymnasium specialized for Technology. So most of the students either love science or want to become something in for science.
As you can see the day start at 8 am to about 3 pm every day. There are some days where the teacher might be sick if that happens school ends earlier.

My first day.
The school started at 10 am Monday morning. The first thing that happened was the introduction speech by the inspector. After that our contact teacher showed us our main classroom. It was the first time I saw my class. In Denmark, you only have one class to every subject. There were 8 girls and 22 boys. Tomorrow we are going to camping with our school. Imagine 360 students camping. It’s going to be a chaos.
For the rest of the day, we planned what to eat at the camping. We are going to camping for 2 nights.

So for now, it was it and I hope you enjoy it.


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