16 life lesson I learned at 16

Hello world.
Today I reflected over my life. I’m 16 years old and I realized that time goes fast. I feel like I’m still 13 years old. It’s weird to think about adulthood. There is only under 2 years left, before I turn 18 years. The fact that I’m not considered a child anymore makes me feel old but happy at the same time. I realized that now is the best time for learning, discovering and find myself. I had always been a mature child. I was surrounded by adults and older people most of my life. So I thought being childish was wrong. So i grew up fast and I kind bit regret it.
People say readers lives many lives. I think it’s true. I honestly feel like a 50 years old person, but at the same time i feel like a 10 years old. Does it makes sense? I hope I’m not the only person who thinks like that.
I want to be grateful for every second and moment. Because who knows when it stops. So many young people dies. People should be grateful and happy for their own life. Life is about exploring, taking risks and enjoy every moment.

Yesterday I saw a couple of my parents hair was grey. I hadn’t thought about my parents becoming old and I still see them as my young and fresh parents. There is going to be a time where my mom and dad needs me and not opposite. That makes me bit scared usually it’s me who needs my parents. So not to be negative life is passing by and I need to enjoy it better. Here is 16 life lesson I learned at 16.

1. Don’t grow up to fast.
Sometimes I really miss my childhood. No responsibility or any worries. Specially children now days are growing up to fast. Young girls is wearing make up at early age and boys are only playing computer games (not that it’s wrong). What happened to playing with dolls, drawing and playing outside. I miss my childhood, but I’m so thankful at the same time. My generation was the last generation with an old school childhood.

2. Cherish your family and friends.
Most people think about their families when the word life is mentioned. Family is a huge part of your life and you should really cherish your family and friends. Because when you grow older people would not always be with you. You are going to new places and meet new people. The same happens to them. I don’t mean that you should never move from your family, but always keep contacting them.

3. Be open for new ideas or solutions.
In your childhood or in your youth it’s the perfect time for experimenting everything. I’m not talking about taking drugs or doing crazy stuff. I’m talking about not being scared of new ideas. Don’t judge easily and be open for new people, new places or new things in general. The world had become a bigger place and you should grow with the world. You don’t necessarily need to understand everything, but try to respect it.

4.  Work hard but take a break once in while.
In your youth everything needs to be decided. What kind of education you want or what kind of person you want to be. Personally I think our youth is kind of wasted in school. I love school, but spending all of your youth in school is kind of a waste. you start in school at the age of 5, then you spending 12-13 years in middle school and high school. After that you need to go to an university for finding a good job in the future. All that is so much to worry about when you only are 16 years. Specially when most adults treat you like a child, but want you to be an adult.

5. Beauty is not everything.
Everywhere in the media, in public and even in the society beauty is a important thing. not being beautiful are seems to being are failure, but that is not true. Beauty fades away personality don’t. I admit that beauty can be a strength and some times an advantage. Beautiful people have some advantage, but they have some disadvantages too. I think I’m looking normal and that’s find for me. I don’t need to be beautiful for being happy or successful. You don’t need either.

6. Never stop dreaming.
Even the hardest dream is possible. That’s what I’m thinking. Nothing is impossible if you  believe enough. Come on, some people in the history had done things that seemed to be impossible. Humans are in the sky now even in the space. Why would your dream not be possible. Everything could happen and if you believe it’s possible. Just be aware of that failure is not always a bad thing, you learn and become stronger.

7. Find a way to express yourself
Life can be boring sometimes and it’s important to find a hobby. It could be drawing, taking pictures or anything could be a hobby. Just find something you don’t need to be perfect at. In your daily life you will think that everything should be better. Find something to do that doesn’t stress you, but makes you more relaxed. Just be happy at something you enjoy doing.

8. The sun i shinning behind the clouds.
When everything seems to be bad remember it doesn’t last forever. Every problem or dilemma has an end. Remember the good time comes too. When you are down and everything seems dark, remember the light is going to shine one day. Life has ups and downs, that what makes a life. Bad times makes you cherish good times more.

9. Live in the moment.
It’s important to not forgetting today. Everything is going to be alright in the end, so enjoy each and every day. Don’t count the days, makes the days count. That’s one of my favorite sentence. Specially when you are younger, you forget to be grateful for everything.

 10. The world is not only a dangerous place.
“Travel is living” said by H.C Andersen. The world is not an easy place, but hardships makes us stronger. Travel, explore and breath the fresh air is more worth than any things. Traveling is the one thing you buy that makes you richer. Always remember that. I can’t wait to be grow old enough to explore more of this beautiful planet. But traveling is not only about get out of the country. Traveling is visit new places.

11. Be kind.
Treat people like you want to be treated. A sentence my parents repeatedly remind me of. Be kind, nice and humble. Everyone wants to be with kind people. Life becomes easier when you smile and treat everyone well. Specially treat people there is older than you better, because when they are old the don’t understand as much as you do sometimes. So go easy on your parents or any other elders. Be nice to people their is younger as well, because they learn how to be like by older people. So always be kind.

12. A goodbye is not forever.
Saying goodbye might be the hardest thing. You don’t know if it’s the last time you see them, and that is what makes it hard. I’m talking about saying goodbye to a dying person or when you are moving away. Maybe you don’t believe in afterlife, but that is what keeps some people hopeful. My mom always told me that your beloved ones will reunite one day. So don’t be scared of saying goodbye, but instead try to see it as “see you soon again”.

13. Feelings is what makes us humans.
Don’t be afraid of showing your feelings. It doesn’t makes you weaker, but it makes you stronger. It’s okay to cry when you are sad and it’s okay to laugh when you are happy. If it feels right it’s right. So show people you have feelings and you are not scared of showing them.

14. Everything has a reason.
I personally believes in destiny, but I believe too that our choices can change our destinies. Fate might have a plan for us, but while we are being on our journey we can change the plan as well. That’s what I believe. That we are individuals who have a destiny that can be changed.

15. Forgiveness is a strong strength.
Forgive other people can be hard, because maybe they don’t deserve it. I know how hard it’s, but forgiveness is for you too. Forgiving people can make you lighter. I personally had a experience, and when I forgave I was relieved. So forgiving people is good to both sides.

16. Do what you thinks is right.
There is many people who want to control you and sometimes you agreeing to do it. Never let other people decide for you, do what you think is right. As long as the laws makes it right of course. But if you experience injustice or anything like that fight it. Don’t give up, and be the strong person who says stop. Here is an example. My teacher once treated our class unfair, and I stood up and told him what we felt. That really made a difference. So it’s easy to make a difference just try.

Hope you enjoyed it. Comment down below what you think is a important life lesson.


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