Eid – What is it?

Hello world.
Many people don’t know what eid is. Eid Al-Fitr or better known as eid is an islamic celebration after the holy month Ramadan. All muslims in the world celebrate this holy holiday. Often there is a difference between the eid day. Some people did celebrate eid Sunday and some celebrate it Monday. When you officially can see the moon the ramadan is over. You can break your fast, but there is more about eid than people know.

One of the most important things to do, is praying the special eid prayer. The pray isn’t an obligation, but is a very good thing to do. On the eid day muslims must pay the zakat and fitr. Zakat and fitr it’s like charity to the poor. After a whole month of fasting giving money to the poor is very important. In the whole month you had experience how it’s to be hungry.

The person who introduce the eid we know today was The prophet Muhammed. To lesson the muslims how the poorest people lives and how grateful we should be. I think It’s a beautiful gesture.
Maybe you had heard the phrase “Eid Mubarak.” It literally means to wishing you and your family a blessed holiday.

The traditions on the eid holiday is affected by cultural your background. I have a mix of Iranian and Afghan eid celebration traditions. In Iran the eid holiday is a very special day. Streets are filled with people and many people give away delicious food on the streets. Afghan Eid is all about new and pretty stuff. The Afghans are preparing the holiday very early. With Cleaning their house and buying new clothes. In eid many people give money to their kids. I still gets money on eid. It’s like christmas just for muslims. Eid is also all about family and friends, spending your time appreciating all of your joy.


My traditional hazaragi clothes.

That was a short explanation about eid. Hope you enjoyed and Eid Mubarak to everyone. Comment down below what you think about ramadan, eid or any kind of eid traditions.



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