10 Summer movies

Hello world.
Sometimes you just want to watch a movie in a specific time. In Summer I always love to watch Summer or travel movies. So here are 10 Summer movies.

1. Sisterhood of the traveling pants – 2005

A lovely movie about a strong friendship. The movie is about 4 girls Lena, Carmen, Bridget and Tibby, who are spending their Summer apart from each other. Lena is spending her Summer in Santorini, Carmen with her dad, Bridget in a soccer camp and Tibby working on her part time job. For keeping contact with each other they share a par of jeans. The jeans fit perfectly all for girls. The movie has love, friendship, travel and many other topics.


2. The parent trap – 1998

The parent trap is an amazing and funny movie. The movie is about two identical twins who never had met each other. When their parents divorced when they were babies. On a Summer camp the twins Hallie and Annie meets each other for the first time and realize they are twins. They decide to switch identity and meet their other parent. I had watched this so many times.


3. Wild – 2014 

Cheryl had lost all hope. After destroying her marriage with her husband. Cheryl decide to give up everything and hike 1.100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. The movie is all about traveling, self-discovery and life in general.
It’s an amazing movie to watch and be inspired by Cheryl journey. I loved the movie maybe you do too.


4. Mamma Mia – 2008

The movie is about a girl who want to find her father. Sophie is a bride-to-be but want her unknown father to give her away. There is 3 possible father candidates, so Sophie invite all of them to her wedding. Her wedding is on the greek island Kalokairi. I love the movie so freaking bad. The movie is a musical and I usually hates musicals, but this movie is an exception.


5. The last song – 2010

The movie is about the teenager Ronnie. Ronnie is very rebellious. Her mother send her and her little brother to spend their summer with their dad. Ronnie was once a talented pianist. After her parents divorce she stopped playing piano. During her Summer she meets popular Will. The to spend a lot of time together. The movie is a romantic Summer movie.


6. Just go with it – 2011

The movie is about Daniel/Danny who use his fake marriage to get women. One day Danny meets Palmer and fall in love, but Palmer realize he is “married.” Palmer had a bad time because of her own parents divorce, because of that she don’t want to destroy another marriage. So Danny need to prove that his marriage is not working anymore. He convince his assistant to act as his wife. For proving their marriage is over they go in a week vacation to Hawaii. The movie is so funny and I really like Adam Sandler’s acting.


7. Aquamarine – 2006

The movie is about the two best friends Hailey and Claire. The two girls finds a mermaid on their local beach. Hailey is suppose to move to Australia in 3 days. One night the girls a praying for a miracle and they find the mermaid Aquamarine. The mermaid tell them that she need to fall in love or she will married someone else. The mermaid tell them too that she can give a wish. Hailey and Claire decides to help Aquamarine. So the the need to find Aquamarines true love in only 3 days.


8. Blended – 2014

The movie is about the two single parents who are going to share a vacation to South Africa. First the couple met at a blind date, but the date ended pretty bad. The two are needs to act as a couple because of the couple vacation thing they are on. The movie is located in South Africa which makes everything better. It’s such a funny and interesting movie. Again Adam Sandler are an acting genius.


9. Monte Carlo – 2011

The movies is about a girl Grace who had earn money for a trip to Paris. Grace, her best friend Emma and her stepsister are going to Paris. In Paris Grace are mistaken for being  the celebrity Cordelia. Grace, her best friend and her stepsister are taken to Cordelia’s hotel room in Paris. The next day they are on their way to Monte Carlo. It’s such a sweet movie and I love Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester in this movie.


10. Bend it like Beckham – 2002

This movie is about an indian girl who loves to play soccer. Jess is from a traditional indian family and her parents doesn’t allow her to play soccer on a team. Jess meets Jules a tomboy girl who plays soccer on a girl soccer team. Jules convince Jess to play soccer with her, and Jess realize she has talent. This movie is just so fun and cute. I love everything about it. It’s like traditions meets modern day.







People who inspire me

Hello world.
There is many fantastic people out there. Today I’m showing you my list of people who inspiring me.

Emma Watson
Emma Watson has been my idol since I was little. Watching Harry Potter was always an amazing time. Emma/Hermione are what I’m thinking of a good role model. Someone who has a brain and a mission. Not only thinking about look or popularity. I was a kid who read a lot, and I didn’t have tons of friends. She learned me that having few real friends is better than having a tons of fake friends. She taught me that a girl can be a hero too.
Emma Watson is a big supporter of feminism and girl power. When I’m thinking about good Hollywood role models, Emma is a good example.

“I don’t want other people to decide who I am. I want to decide that for myself.” 


Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel is the german chancellor. I don’t know why, but I really admire Angela Merkel. She truly shows how powerful a women can be. German is a leading country there is lead by Angela Merkel.
Since my german teacher first talked about her, I was truly fascinated by her achievements.

“Always be more than you appear and never appear to be more than you are.” 


Marco Polo
He might been dead for more than 800 years, but he still changed the world today. His was the ultimate adventurer. Exploring the unknown places and meeting mysterious people. I kind of feels bit jealous I wish it was me.
There is some people who don’t believe his journey was real, but I believe it was real. He had a heart of an explorer.

“I did not tell half of what I saw for I knew I would not be believed.” 


Michelle Obama
First lady and the figure of women’s right to education. I believe that every person has right to get an education, and same do Michelle Obama. Other first ladies had been behind their husbands, but Michelle has been just by her husbands side.
Michelle is a lawyer and a feminist.

“Succes isn’t about how much money you make, it’s about the difference you makes in people’s lives.”

Michelle Obama Visits DC High School To Discuss Importance Of Education

Walt Disney
His is sadly dead, but his passion lives today. He changed the world of millions of children. He inspires every dreamer and believer. From losing his mother to building an empire. Walt Disney had influenced every child in any kind of way.
Thank you Walt Disney for taking children serious.

“If you can dream you can do it.”


J.K Rowling
The books that changed my life.  I’m not even lying. Harry Potter means a lot for me. Not only being the first book I ever for real read. J.k Rowling that created a magical world, where children could be dreaming freely. A world that doesn’t exist, but the passion does.
J.K Rowling taught us to not giving up. Even when everything seems to be impossible.

“The world is full of wonderful things you haven’t seen yet. Don’t ever give up on the chance to seeing them.”

Britain Scotland Celebrities

Mahatma Ghandi
Fighting and violence is never the right thing. Things can be done with peace and love. Brother should not fight brother. All that had Mahatma Ghandi taught me. To help every person no matter religion, race and culture.
He taught me that even adults act like children. To fight for justice and peace. Thank you Mahatma for being a peaceful human being.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”


My parents 

Most important my own parents. Thank you for being there for me and for always trust and love me. To teach me what right is and fight for what is rights. That making a difference is not easy and that some achievements doesn’t need to be known. My parents taught me that happiness is more than a fortune and fame.
That every human being is special and unique. My parents told me that the only person who can judge is god. It’s not our job to judge other people.

“You need to be strong enough for making a difference in this world. And bad things doesn’t last forever.” 



Korsør Beach – Places to go in Denmark

Hello world.
Yesterday I went to Korsør Beach with my family. It was our little eid celebration. We live like 20 minutes from Korsør Beach, so we are there quite often.


The “famous Storebælt Bridge are located close to Korsør Beach. So you get an amazing view to the Storebælt Bridge.


We ate pizza and had a great time, but it was a bit windy.


Beaches in Denmark are not good swimming beaches, but more like for the view. The sea have a lot seaweed too.


Korsør is an old navy city and was uses to be a important city for the navy. Nowadays the beaches are more used by fishermen and runners. Amazing running location.


As you can se the it’s a little bit dangerous. I’m just kidding.


The sea is beautiful and the color is close to green.


Hope you enjoyed it.

Love Sediga.



50 blog post ideas – writer’s block

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Hello, world.
50 blog post ideas to go!

  1. Season bucket list – summer, fall, winter or spring.
  2. Food recipes – desserts, lunch or breakfast.
  3. Training routine.
  4. Picture diary.
  5. Letter to yourself – future or past self.
  6. Packing list – vacation or appointments.
  7. Wishlist – Christmas or birthday.
  8. New years resolutions – try to make it realistic.
  9. DIY.
  10. Month favorites.
  11. Movie or book recommendations.
  12. Dream destinations – where is your dream destination, explain.
  13. School talk – talk about your school or how your school is.
  14. Outfit of the day/week.
  15. Books you wish was movies – let’s be honest we all have that dream.
  16. Season activities – Christmas, Halloween, fall or valentines day.
  17. Travel diaries.
  18. Clothes under specific price – example shoes under 50 dollars.
  19. Gift ideas – a gift to your brother/father/mother/sister.
  20. Future plans – write about your future goals.
  21. Challenges – book challenge.
  22. Get to know me – good first post ideas.
  23. Homework routines.
  24. Thoughts – you can literally write about anything.
  25. What’s in my bag – who want to see that? But trust me somebody will.
  26.  Basic things to need – basic clothes items or travel items.
  27. Room tour with images.
  28. Room decoration ideas.
  29. People who inspire you – idols, athletes or authors.
  30. Things to do when you are bored.
  31. Get to know my family – good way to introduce your family.
  32. City guide – maybe your hometown is boring, but some people don’t share the same opinion.
  33. Celebrity friend wish list – every fangirl/boy dream.
  34. Things you didn’t know about – your country, your self or your city.
  35. 10 things I can’t live without.
  36. Movies you want to see when you are in a specific mood.
  37. Being a girl/boy/anything in our society.
  38. Pro and cons – every topic can be used.
  39. Hauls – travel, shopping or Black Friday haul.
  40. A day in my life.
  41. What I ate in a day.
  42. My culture explanation.
  43. To do list.
  44. Tips – travel tips or school tips.
  45. Do and do not – in a specific situation or country.
  46. Lookbooks.
  47. Giveaway.
  48. Life hacks – can always be used.
  49. 10 years from now – what do you want in your life.
  50. Dream things – cars, house or other things.

Comment down below if you have some other blog post ideas.
Love Sediga


Eid – What is it?

Hello world.
Many people don’t know what eid is. Eid Al-Fitr or better known as eid is an islamic celebration after the holy month Ramadan. All muslims in the world celebrate this holy holiday. Often there is a difference between the eid day. Some people did celebrate eid Sunday and some celebrate it Monday. When you officially can see the moon the ramadan is over. You can break your fast, but there is more about eid than people know.

One of the most important things to do, is praying the special eid prayer. The pray isn’t an obligation, but is a very good thing to do. On the eid day muslims must pay the zakat and fitr. Zakat and fitr it’s like charity to the poor. After a whole month of fasting giving money to the poor is very important. In the whole month you had experience how it’s to be hungry.

The person who introduce the eid we know today was The prophet Muhammed. To lesson the muslims how the poorest people lives and how grateful we should be. I think It’s a beautiful gesture.
Maybe you had heard the phrase “Eid Mubarak.” It literally means to wishing you and your family a blessed holiday.

The traditions on the eid holiday is affected by cultural your background. I have a mix of Iranian and Afghan eid celebration traditions. In Iran the eid holiday is a very special day. Streets are filled with people and many people give away delicious food on the streets. Afghan Eid is all about new and pretty stuff. The Afghans are preparing the holiday very early. With Cleaning their house and buying new clothes. In eid many people give money to their kids. I still gets money on eid. It’s like christmas just for muslims. Eid is also all about family and friends, spending your time appreciating all of your joy.


My traditional hazaragi clothes.

That was a short explanation about eid. Hope you enjoyed and Eid Mubarak to everyone. Comment down below what you think about ramadan, eid or any kind of eid traditions.


Pictures of my surroundings

Hello World.
I’m starting a new series called Pictures of my surroundings. My series is going to be about pictures I had taking around my surroundings. Hope you would like it.
Btw I am living i Denmark in a little town in Slagelse. There is a beautiful nature, these pictures is are just a few days old. The weather is not always amazing, but the nature is beautiful. I’m just an amateur photographer so be nice.














The camera I use is Canon Eos 450D. With Canon Zoom Lens EF 38-76 mm. 
I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.
Love Sediga

My travel journal – Tips and DIY

Hello world.
Today i really want to show my travel journal. I’m long away from finishing the journal, but I wanted to show a little bit. Btw the journal text is in danish, so you might not understand the text in the journal.


The first pages is empty because i didn’t knew how to start. Maybe i just makes an index or something. On the black page i have wrote a quote “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I thought it was an inspiring quote so why not.


The first trip was a school trip to Berlin, Germany. We were about 100+ students from Denmark. It was really funny and it was an educational experience. We saw things like Brandenburger Tor, Alexanderplatz and so many other things. I can really recommend Berlin. We lived in a hostel called One80, that wasn’t bad. We saw Sachsenhausen as well,  if you don’ know it’s a concentration camp that was used under the second world war. Of course we saw the famous Wall of Berlin. Berlin is really an amazing city.
In my travel journal, I had put some pictures and wrote a bit information about the trip.


The journal have the route to Berlin as well. It took about 6 hours to drive to Berlin from Denmark.


The second trip was to Oslo, Norway. The good thing about Denmark is that a lot of different countries there is close. So you easily visit those places. My family and I went to Oslo. We was on a cruise from Denmark to Norway. It was a long trip, it toke about 18 hours. Even throw Norway is pretty close to Denmark, but I swear the view was breathtaking. Specially wake up early before the sunrise and watch the beautiful fjords Norway is famous for. Oslo city was great as well, but it was quite expensive. Well all of the Scandinavian countries are bit expensive. Honestly it was in January and the weather was so cold. There was about -10 degrees. It was perfect weather for a cup of hot chocolate.


Yeah there is some awkward pictures of my family and friends and I. But traveling with your family is about taking awkward pictures with your family.


In the end of the journal I have draw a world map. The green marks are places I have been. Hopefully there will come more green marks. img_0102.jpg

It was all for this time. Hope you enjoyed my post. I’m done with the journal, so maybe there will come an update. Maybe it will give some inspirations and I really recommend starting a travel journal. It is a good way to remember your adventures. Thank you for reading.
Love Sediga


Summer books 2017

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Hello world.
I’m showing you guys some pretty good summer books, that you could read this summer. These books have kind of bit the mood of summer.


Laguna Cove – By Alyson noël
The books is about some teenagers having a great time. The themes in the book are summer, beach, love and so more. You really need to give it i try. Even throw the story first started after the summer break, it’s a really good book with the summer vibe.


99 days – Katie Cotugno
The books is about the girl called Molly. Molly had to stay in her old town for 99 days before leaving for college. The town where she broke a persons heart and left it for another. The summer can only get’s problematic.


We were liars – E. Lockhart
A beautiful and fantastic story about a summer everything changed. When you read this book, everything you thought will change. Every theory you had was wrong. Get confused and amazed by this book.


This is what happy looks like – Jennifer E. Smith
A famous boy and an average girl what would happen? When a Hollywood celebrity are filming in a little town, and meet a speciel girl with a lot of thoughts. This books is every fangirls dream.


Everything everything – Nicola Yoon
You have properly heard of this book, if you hadn’t where have you been? The romantic and beautiful book about the purest young love. A love that only happens in books. Hurry read it before watching the movie it’s worth it.


I’ll meet you there – Heather Demetrios
A hurt soldier returns home after being i Afghanistan. Where a girl are just waiting for the summer to end. The girl who just want to leave the little town, fall in love in last minute. A cute story about the biggest decision. Love or college?


The sisterhood of the traveling pants – Ann Brashares
This is a classic you need to read once in a lifetime. The summer where the magic happens. 4 girls can fit perfectly one pants. Just the title is fascinating, the whole story is amazing. This books is my perfect Santorini read. If you’re going to Greece bring this with you.


Just one day – Gayle Forman
What would you do if an unknown stranger invite you to Paris? That what happens for Allyson, she decide to take a chance. This book introduced me to the European rail trail. Let’s fall in love in Paris with Allyson.


Twenty boy summer – Sarah Ockler
What if you had to hide your biggest love from you best friend? A love that died before it bloomed. Anna and Frankie are best friends. Frankie will try to find a perfect boy for Anna. The summer that is all about forgetting the terrible tragedy. This book makes your heart cry.


When Dimple met Rishi – Sandhya Menson
Love, summer school and arranged meetings everything will most likely end in a drama. A cute and sweet story about a love that happens when you least expected it. Give it try.

That was all for this time. Hope you enjoyed. Comment down what books you would recommend to me.
Love Sediga



Dream destinations – Islands

Hello world
I’m starting a new travel series called dream destinations. Todays topic is islands. I’m showing my top 12 islands destinations.

bora bora

Bora Bora – French Polynesia
Why Bora Bora? Because it’s literally heaven. The beautiful island have been one of my dream destination since forever.

Oia Santorini

Santorini – Greece
After i saw the movie “The sisterhood of the traveling pants” I was sold. Santorini is a dream destination.


Iceland is so close to Denmark. I should really pay the beautiful island a visit.

Naxos. Grce, 2010.

Naxos – Greece
The island is very underrated, but is one of my favorite


Easter Island – Chile
Mystery? Nowhere is better than The Easter Island. One of the worlds most unsolved mysteries.


Crete – Greece
A place everyone should visit once. A great family vacation is perfect here.


Maui – Hawaii
There is a lot of amazing islands in Hawaii, but Maui caught my heart.


Prince Edward Island – Canada
Should I even explain. Anne from the Green Gables was one of my favorite bookseries. I would love to visit the stunning island.


Palawan – Philippines
Exotic destination is what Palawan are. Just the view is breathtaking.


Bali – Indonesia
History and the view is everything. There is a lot of reasons why you should go there.


Phuket – Thailand
The culture, the people and so more. Don’t miss the beautifulness of Thailands islands.


That’s even a part of Denmark. I’m ashamed over not visiting Greenland yet. Hopefully it will happen.

Hope you guys enjoyed the list and maybe inspired you a little bit. Comment down below if I missed some other islands.

Love Sediga